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    What the heck is a "Dummy-SALAPA"? It's listed twice on the VIN search under Vehicle Options: S Dummy-SALAPA S Dummy-SALAPA Does one want a "real" SALAPA? If one was looking for a SALAPA where would one turn? What the heck is a SALAPA? Why list it twice? Insane BMW drivers NEED to know these things! Missing my e39 i 6 Speed Sport.

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  • SA Dummy-SALAPA = zusätzliche Tankfüllung Export = additional filling of fuel tank for export = they fill a bit more fuel into the tank so that the cars can be moved onto ships etc. SA Dummy-SALAPA = Versandschutzpaket = protection for export shipping. Shogun tricks and tips for the E32 series are HERE! , AM #5.

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    Dummy-SALAPA står när det inte är översatt. S8TLA TAGFAHRLICHT FRONT UND HECK AKTIV Dummy-SALAPA S8TNA TAGFAHRLICHT UEBER LICHTMENUE EINST Dummy-SALAPA Som jag uppfattar det handlar det om att främre och bakre ljus aktiveras av en sensor och att ljusknappen står i autoläge Texten kommer från en förserie M6 F13 som dessutom har denna kod:).

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    S8KAA Dummy-SALAPA S8SCA Telematics access request,country-spec.

    Carrisco, these are a few details behind the options you asked about - Dummy-Salapa (As a placeholder, literal translation) meaning its not really an option, but rather a line held as a placeholder. - Smoking Package; VO for an actual Cig. lighter vs. a VO that would have a blank insert.

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