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SketchUp web: how to change measurement unit as mm. I’m newer for SketchUp web, when I use Tape Measure tool, it shows the number in inch, could I change it as mm? Right hand side bottom icon to change units. got it.

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Learn how to change units in the Free online version of SketchUp. You can use this to switch from Imperial to Metric, as well as to change the precision of your measurements in your models.

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The only way to get metric units is by setting the format to “decimal.”. If you select the second dropdown menu next to “format,” you will see options for different units. The options are “inches”, “feet”, “mm” (millimeters), “cm” (centimeters), and “m” (meters).

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    SketchUp online - change units mm. shayne irving. 25 subscribers. Subscribe. 15K views 4 years ago. Using SketchUp free Recorded with Music: Danse.

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PC In order to successfully install and authorize SketchUp Pro, you must first log in to Windows as a user who has either Administrator or Power User rights. Once successfully installed and authorized, SketchUp Pro requires a Windows profile with at least Power User permissions. You may need to contact your Help Desk or IT department to assist.

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  • Import DWG at Correct Scale. SketchUp Pro. import. katsy3k December 12, , am 1. When I import a floor plan from DWG Viewer, the dimensions showing in sketchup are outrageously different from the DWG file. For example a simple mm in DWG becomes mm in sketchup.
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    Drag out the rectangle, let go of the mouse and just type. Look at the measurements window and type in exactly the same format. If there’s a comma between the dimensions, use a comma. If there’s a semicolon, use a semi colon between them. Hit Enter after typing in the dimensions.
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    Select one of the templates in the Drawing Template list box. Or click the Browse button to navigate to a template that you've saved locally, select the template file, and click Open. Click OK (Microsoft Windows) or simply close the dialog box (Mac OS X). The next time you create a new model file, SketchUp uses your new default template.