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MICROLAX® Enema is indicated for use even with children under 3 years old. Find out more here about the gentle mode of action of MICROLAX® Enema. MICROLAX®: Tips for use with infants under 3 years of age.

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Sorbic acid, glycerol, purified water. Microlax is a faecal softener which liberates the water that is present even in the hardest faeces. This action causes a softening of the stools and leads to a gentle defaecation. Rectal constipation, faecal incontinence; preparation for X-ray examination and rectoscopy.

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    MICROLAX® Indication • 1Promote meconium passage • Short-term management of constipation 2. RECTAL. Presentation • Enema: (contains sorbitol 3.125 g, sodium citrate 450 mg, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate 45 mg in 5 mL. 3) Dosage • Single dose once *Current gest age (weeks) and/or weight (kg) Dose Less than 28+0 weeks. OR. less than 1 kg 0.

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From what age I can use MICROLAX® Enema for my baby? How often can I give my child MICROLAX® Enema? MICROLAX ® Enema in pregnancy and lactation If I use MICROLAX® Enema while I am pregnant, will it harm my unborn child? Could the use of MICROLAX® Enema cause me to go into labour too soon? Can I use MICROLAX® Enema when I am breastfeeding?.

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    What Microlax is used for. Microlax may be used whenever there is a need to relieve constipation or open the bowels, when there are certain disturbances of bowel movement or opening of the bowels, and in preparation for examination of the rectum (back passage).

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    Microlax is a fast acting enema which works to soften bowel motions and gently assist bowel emptying without irritating the lining of the bowel. When you must not use Microlax Do not use Microlax if you know that you are allergic to any of the ingredients which are listed under the heading, "Product Description", at the end of this leaflet.
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  • Onset of action is 2 – 30 minutes after rectal administration. Pregnancy 1st Trimester: Occassional use considered safe to use. 2nd Trimester: Occasional use considered safe to use. 3rd Trimester: Occasional use considered safe to use. Breastfeeding Considered safe to use (short term). Related Policies, Procedures & Guidelines.

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    Ingredients Contains: Sodium Citrate 450 mg, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate 45 mg, Sorbitol 3.125 g as well as Glycerol, Sorbic Acid and water. Directions Dose: Administer the contents of one tube rectally as a single dose. Children and adults: 1. Twist and pull the seal off the nozzle. 2.