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  • Features. 12 volt, 3.8 amp high flow inline pump. 15.75 L/m open flow capacity. Designed for confined spaces. Can be fitted below a water tank and gravity-primed, or above a water tank with a manual priming pump. Can be fitted inline with a submersible pump when higher pressure is needed.

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    Vattentank 32 liter med tryckvattenpump. Tillverkad av polypropen. Färdigmonterad med 12 V tryckvattenpump. Kan installeras både med basmåttet 340 x 400 mm (höjd 260 mm) eller basmåttet 400 x 260 mm (höjd 340 mm). Flöde: 3 liter/minut. Inlopp 38 mm. Avluftning 16 mm. Utlopp tryckvattenpump: 10 mm. Förberedd för installation med fäste.

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    The Boab Poly Water Tank 12 Volt Water Pump with Auto Pressure Switch will pump water efficiently at 3.8 Litres Per Minute from your Tank. Ideal for use with off road Journey’s. 12V pump with auto pressure switch; Electric water pump; 3.8LPM; 35 PSI cut-off.

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      This is a high quality DC micro diaphragm pump. The water pump with a pressure switch will be automatically cut off when the pressure of water outlet is big enough. And runs again when the pressure is going down. It has demand for energy conservation and frequent switching, widely used in general industry equipment, medical equipment, chemical equipment, farming (lawn and garden), tour.
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    1. Pumpkit4. Pumpkit dränkbar pump 12V.

    Free Shipping on 12 volt pumps for 12v water transfer including 12v marine pumps, 12v caravan pumps, 12v water pumps for camping and for single wand and boom farm chemical spraying. Water Pumps Now extensive range of pumps also include 12 volt inline water and diesel transfer pumps, 12v bilge pumps, 12v diaphragm pressure pumps, 12v marine.

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    DESCRIPTION Electric Water Pump 12v suit BOAB water tanks 3.8lpm 12v 2.5amp 35PSI cut-off SHIPPING DELIVERY TIMES All the following estimates are in business days. If you haven’t received your order within 10 days then please give us a call at 03 8401 3776 or contact us via email at [email protected] with your order number in the message.