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    In European traditions, the Easter bunny is known as the Easter hare. The symbolism of the hare has had many tantalizing ritual and religious roles down through the years. Hares were given ritual burials alongside humans during the Neolithic age in Europe. Archaeologists have interpreted this as a religious ritual, with hares representing.

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      Beskrivning. Härlig skål i svart eller rosa, en riktig påskgömma eller påskask för godis eller småsaker. Påskkärringar har sällskap av svarta katter, dricker kok-kaffe och flyger till Blåkulla på en kvast vid påsk. Det vet vi alla.

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    Similar to a Santa Claus for grown-ups, an Easter Witch on her way to Blåkulla would pause on the roofs of various homes to bring the occupants blessings of prosperity and joy, and leave hot copper pots of black coffee on the stoves. According to superstition, the blessed would note their food got a little tastier and in general they felt shielded from mishaps.
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    One story Swedes told at that time was that witches flew to a location called Blåkulla to commune with Satan on witches’ Sabbaths, often said to occur on Easter. The means of transportation could be brooms, poles, cows, or even people—as long as they were greased with ointment stored in horns provided by the devil himself.

    Köp Blåkulla Gömma, 11X13CM

  • Easter witches in 20A girl dressed up as an Easter witch. Easter witches (Swedish: påskkärring, 'easter hag', 'easter witch', Finland Swedish: påskhäxa, 'easter witch', Finland Finnish: Trulli, 'Trulli') is an old Swedish legend about witches flying to Blockula (Swedish: Blåkulla, Blå Jungfrun) on brooms on the Thursday before Easter (Maundy Thursday, sv:Skärtorsdagen) or on.

  • Blåkulla Gömma 13cm, Svart. kr.
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    The island of Blue Maiden or Blåkulla, a Swedish island situated in the Kalmar Strait, is a mythical place that has fascinated and discouraged for centuries. Strange stories of supernatural beings, witches, odd ancient caves, and a mysterious labyrinth have made the island famous.

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    påskkärring c. (Easter, folklore) a witch who flies to the island of Blåkulla on a broomstick during Easter. (Easter) a child dressed up as such a witch during Easter, walking around the neighborhood knocking on doors, asking for candy or money.