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      Ready for a fitness revolution? Join LES MILLS+ and thrive. Get 4 weeks free. LES MILLS™ brings you exhilarating workouts, incredible variety & an inspiring community.

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    The Mind Body Exercise Mat (MBX Mat) is a fitness and yoga mat engineered to withstand the rigours of group fitness, delivering optimal workout performance and a more comfortable exercise experience. Features include: Dual-purpose design for yoga (red side) and fitness (grey side) The yoga side offers the perfect balance of comfort and stability.
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    LES MILLS SHAPES™ is designed to attract Gen Z movers. It’s a Pilates and Power Yoga-inspired workout that sculpts and strengthens the body through small, controlled movements. Set to an on-trend playlist, LES MILLS SHAPES combines low impact, high rep moves to create a fun, intense workout that pushes members’ muscles to the limit.

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    Over 20 different LES MILLS programs to choose from for all fitness levels. From high intensity to low intensity, there's something for everyone. With group fitness workouts, healthy living advice, exercise equipment, music, and gym clothing, we're on a mission to create a fitter planet - Join us.
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    As a Certified Les Mills Instructor, you have access to these Releases in conjunction with Quarterly Workshops. that are typically delivered in-person and online. BACKED BY SCIENCE MUSIC MATTERS INCITING INSTRUCTOR GREATNESS CONTINUOUS INNOVATION.

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    LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT is a series of 12 x 45-minute progressive workouts, designed to build strength in science-backed phases. It is accessible to everyone, including experienced lifters and those just starting out who want to learn the fundamentals of strength training.

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    ERIN'S TIPS FOR GETTING STARTED WITH LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT: Start with LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT #1 and progress through the workouts in order. Don’t race through all the workouts. Do each workout at least a couple of times and make sure you feel comfortable with all the moves before you move on.


  • Lifting incrementally heavier loads is one of the most powerful ways to benefit from progressive overload – and in some cases sparks hypertrophic muscle growth. Progressive overload can also be achieved without adding more weight to your workout. Muscular adaption also stems from increasing time under tension.