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Bunions, also known as hallux valgus, are a common forefoot condition characterised by deformity at the great toe metatarsophalangeal joint (MTPJ). The great toe deviates laterally and the metatarsal deviates medially, resulting in a painful prominence at the dorsomedial aspect of the metatarsal head (Figure 1).

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Hallux Valgus, commonly referred to as a bunion, is a complex valgus deformity of the first ray that can cause medial big toe pain and difficulty with shoe wear. Diagnosis is made clinically with presence of a hallux that rests in a valgus and pronated position. Radiographs of the foot are obtained to identify the severity of the disease and.

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Hallux Valgus is considered one of the most common foot deformities, [1] and is described as “lateral deviation of the hallux and its consequent distancing from the median axis of the body”. [2] Treatment for hallux valgus ranges from conservative to surgical management. [3] There are about different surgical techniques.

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    Objectives: Describe the etiology of hallux valgus. Identify the components of an appropriate history, physical, and evaluation of hallux valgus. Outline the treatment and management options available for hallux valgus. Review the importance of the interprofessional team to improve outcomes for patients affected by hallux valgus.

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Bunions are associated with hallux valgus, a condition where the big toe drifts toward the smaller toes and the outside of the foot. Pain from bunions develops over the bony bump due to shoe irritation, and in the other toes due to crowding and altered mechanical forces in the ball of the foot. Bunions usually develop slowly.

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Hallux valgus deformity is a very common pathological condition which commonly produces painful disability. It is characterised as a combined deformity with a malpositioning of the first metatarsophalangeal joint caused by a lateral deviation of the great toe and a medial deviation of the first metatarsal bone.

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  • Hallux valgus is the commonest forefoot deformity, with an estimated prevalence of 23% to 35%. It causes symptoms on the medial edge of the foot, the sole, and the small toes. Non-operative treatment may alleviate symptoms but does not correct the deformity of the big toe.
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    The deviation of the hallux occurs primarily in the transverse plane. The deformity often also involves rotation of the toe in the frontal plane causing the toenail to face medially (ie, eversion). These two deviations have led to the use of different terms to describe the deformity.